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Ticks have become increasingly common over the past several decades. That’s not good news for…
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Green parrot

Helping Your Parrot Settle In

Parrot Day is coming up on May 31st.  Parrots are really fun and vivacious pets,…
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Signs Of A Sick Lizard

Have you been considering adopting a lizard? Have you perhaps just adopted one? Lizards are…
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Bunny Toys

April has gone to the bunnies … rabbits are hopping into the spotlight this month.…
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Easy Ways To Pamper Your Senior Cat

Is your feline pal aged ten or older? If so, you have a furry little…
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Chinchilla Care Tips

Chinchillas have become quite popular lately. It isn’t hard to see why. These cute little…
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Mud Season Cleaning Tips

Spring is in the air! As the weather warms up, many of our furry patients…
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Cats may be small, but they apparently don’t see that in the mirror. Many kitties…
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