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Mud Season Cleaning Tips

March 17 2023

Spring is in the air! As the weather warms up, many of our furry patients will be absolutely delighted to get back outside for some fun in the sun. Of course, Man’s Best Friend also sometimes has a way of bringing the outside in. It’s probably safe to say that many of you will be dealing with muddy pawprints and extra fur over the next few weeks. A Kitchener, ON veterinarian offers some spring house cleaning tips for pet owners below. 

Stop Tracks In Their Tracks

Does your canine buddy track mud inside? Put a thick mat outside the door you take him through. Bath rugs with long pile work well at cleaning muddy paws. They’re also super absorbent and easy to wash and store. Or, you may just want to wipe your dog’s paws. Keep a spray bottle of water and some old rags near the door. There are even devices made just for cleaning your pup’s feet!  If your pooch is a Very Good Boy, you may even be able to teach him to wipe his feet! Of course, not all dogs like having their paws handled. If Fido isn’t having it, work on desensitization. Teach him that he’ll get a yummy treat for handing you his furry foot. That desensitization training will also help with nail clipping, trimming toe fur, and addressing bites, cuts, or other injuries.

Fur Busting

To remove pet hair from furniture or upholstery, try using a damp sponge, a squeegee, or rubber dish gloves. It’s also a good idea to vacuum daily, at least until Fido and Fluffy have finished changing into their summer clothes. Dusting regularly will also help, as will changing your air filters. Finally, we also recommend putting slipcovers on your furniture and adding washable covers or blankets to your furry buddy’s bed.


We do have a few tricks up our sleeve to share. If you can smell a mess but can’t find it, try a black light. Another time saver? You can put many rubber and plastic pet toys in the dishwasher. No need for soap: the steam and hot water will do the job. Many of Fido and Fluffy’s toys are machine washable, as are most pet beds. Just check the labels first to be sure.

Is your furry friend due for an exam? Contact us, your local Kitchener, ON pet hospital, today! 

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