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DIY Bird Toys

March 17 2023

Does your feathered friend get super excited when she spots a new toy? Polly is playful and curious, and needs lots of entertainment options to truly thrive. You can find great playthings for your winged pal in stores, but you can also make your own. A Kitchener, ON vet lists some egg-cellent options below.

Coin Wrappers 

You can still find penny wrappers at many dollar stores or box stores. You’ll also want to cut some pieces of paper into long strips. Thread the paper through the coin wrapper. You can also incorporate treats, such as millet sprays. You can also make similar toys using the tubes from toilet paper or paper towel rolls. 


You can make all sorts of things out of plain paper. Shred it, crumple it up around a treat, or make chains or boxes out of it. Voila!

Hanging Toys

Hanging toys are very popular with our feathered friends. They’re also quite easy to make. Some of the things you can use or incorporate include plastic shower curtain rings, playing cards, large beads, bells, popsicle sticks, cupcake wrappers, measuring cups, and wooden blocks. Jute twine works well for connecting and hanging. 

Foraging Toys 

Don’t throw away cardboard egg cartons: cut the pockets out, fill them with fun things, such as shredded paper or millet, and then use a non-toxic glue to reattach them. Or, take a paper towel and cut it into three roughly-even strips. Roll one up, and then put that in the second piece, and roll that around it. Do the same with the third, and then tie the bundle together with jute twine. Cut off any extra ends on the twine. Now, stuff some seeds into the layers. Done! 

Basket Of Fun

Get a wicker basket or wooden bowl. Make sure there are no sharp edges! Fill it with smaller toys, shredded paper, and the occasional bit of seed or millet, and let Polly have at it.


Always put Polly’s safety first. Don’t offer your winged pal plastics, particularly thin plastics that she could possibly ingest or choke on. You’ll also want to avoid anything that is coated in varnish, stain, glitter, paint, or dye. Items with small parts, hanging ropes, and/or sharp edges are also unsafe. Ask your vet for more information. 

Do you have questions about bird care? Contact us, your Kitchener, ON animal clinic, today! 

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