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March 17 2023

Cats may be small, but they apparently don’t see that in the mirror. Many kitties seem to see themselves as lions and tigers. To be fair, Fluffy isn’t entirely off the mark here: she shares over 95 percent of her DNA with her larger kin. However, that doesn’t entirely explain why our feline pals can be so temperamental. A Waterloo, ON veterinarian discusses kitty ‘cattitude’ in this article. 

Cranky Cats 

Just like people, our feline buddies all have their own unique purrsonalities. Some furballs are lovable and cuddly, some are lazy and aloof, and others are, well, a bit grouchy. If Fluffy has a temper, don’t force attention on her. Just let her be herself. One thing that is almost always a pet peeve with kitties? Forcing attention on them!

Playful Cats 

Kitties are really the only one of our animal companions that attack us just for fun. It’s important to know the difference between playful roughhousing and true feline aggression. If Fluffy is feeling silly, she probably won’t bite or scratch hard, and she may lose steam and start licking you instead. A truly angry cat may flatten her ears, puff her coat, hiss, growl, and/or lash her tail. She’ll also put some force into her attack. Either way, you should never punish your feisty furball for attacking. That may just frighten her, and make her feel even more defensive. If your kitty is attacking you, say ‘No’ or ‘Be nice’ and then just leave her alone until she cools off. 

Behavioral Changes 

Watch for changes in your pet’s usual behavior. This may be a sign that something is wrong with your feline buddy. For instance, if Fluffy is usually cuddly and affectionate, but suddenly starts hissing and growling, she may be sick. Contact your vet immediately. It’s important to rule out medical issues. If your kitty gets the all-clear, at least you know you have a grouchy cat, rather than a sick one.

Keeping Kitty Calm 

Do you have a fuzzy, meowing curmudgeon on your hands? Try to see what sets Fluffy off. Fear and anxiety can cause aggressive behavior in cats. Other possible causes include boredom, discomfort, loneliness, and misplaced aggression. If you aren’t sure why your furry pal is a little grump, consult your vet. 

As your Waterloo, ON animal clinic, we’re here for you! Contact us for all your cat’s veterinary care needs.

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